Christina Aubert, Midwife and TCM-Practitioner, CH
From 1985, after a grammar school education and a training in business administration, Christina Aubert trained as a midwife. For 20 years she practised this profession in a private clinic in Zürich. In addition to this, from 1996, she
completed a study of TCM with emphasis on acupuncture, gaining work experience in Beijing. Since 2001 she has been running her own acupuncture practice for gynaecology and
Since 2005 she has been a member of the commission for the training of midwives in acupuncture and introduced an appropriate certificate in cooperation with the Swiss Midwives’ Association and the Swiss Trade Organisation for
Sarah Budd, Midwife, Nurse, TCM Practitioner, GB
Sarah trained as a general nurse, then as a midwife and subsequently as an acupuncturist in London and Nanjing from 1985 to 1988. She set up an acupuncture service in Plymouth Maternity Unit, then completed a degree in Complementary Health Studies at Exeter University. In 1991, she went to China again to study acupuncture anaesthesia. She was given the first and only full time post as acupuncturist midwife in the UK National Health Service, then had a family, and now works one day per week in Plymouth, and privately at home. Over 8,000 pregnant women have been treated with acupuncture on the NHS in Plymouth, and the service was joint winner of the Prince of Wales' Foundation for Integrated Health Award in 2001. Sarah worked as a Research Assistant on the Regulation of Complementary Medicine, and in the Acupuncture Research Resource Centre. Over the years, Sarah has contributed to text books and journals and continues to teach in acupuncture colleges / universities, at conferences and via Webinars. She also runs courses for midwives and couples on the use of Acupressure for preparation and pain relief in labour
“It is a joy to offer help to women struggling in pregnancy, who would not otherwise be able to afford treatment.” Sarah Budd.
Urs Camenzind, Naturopathic Practitioner, CH
Since 1998 has worked in his own practice in Cham, Switzerland. He is much sought after as a speaker, course leader and trainer in the various areas of body, mind and spirit.
Originator of the Sanfte Geburt (Hypnobirthing) concept. Qualified hypnobirthing course leader (2006). Acknowledged hypnosis therapist NGH (National Guild of Hypnotists), specialising in pregnancy and birth. Naturopathic practitioner. Mental, personality and awareness trainer. Proficient in Hawaiian HUNA schamanism.
The wonderful experience of the pregnancy and birth of his son, Felix (25.10. 2006), led him to his vocation.
Stefan Englert, MD General Practitioner, G
General Practitioner with emphasis on Chinese medicine in Ravensburg and Frauenfeld,Thurgau. Head of TCM training at the Academy of Ulm University. Head of TCM advanced training at the ChiWay Institut in Winterhur. Acupuncture examiner and assessor for the General Medical Council,
Baden-Württemberg. Founder of the TCMAdvance Training Institute which specialises in the training of Chinese medicinal therapies for doctors. Author of numerous teaching books and professional articles in the field of Chinese medicine. Most recent book – 'Check List for Chinese Dietetics' published by Thieme in 2010. Chairperson of the AG TCM in the German Association for Reproduction Medicine (DGRM) and is a founder and board member of the registered German Scientific Association for TCM (DWG TCM e.V.).
Ran Kalif, Acupuncture Practitioner, Israel
Ran Kalif is a Japanese acupuncture practitioner. He has been running a busy clinic in Tel Aviv since 1993 with daily practice in modern Japanese acupuncture, Kampo and raw vegan nutrition.
He has been teaching the following subjects:
• 1993-1998: senior lecturer and clinical supervisor at the Israeli College of Complementary Medicine (ICCM) in Tel Aviv.
• 1994-1995: founded a program in Natural therapy and Sports Injuries at the Wingate Academic Institute of sports, aimed at professional trainers.
• 1998-1999: lecturing at Emperor’s College in LA, USA to CEU practitioners program on Biomagnetic treatment systems.
• 1998-2000: lecturing at the MTCM College, focusing on modern and classical applications of Japanese acupuncture.
• 1999-2002: lecturing at the MTCM College, focusing on modern and classical applications of extraordinary meridians.
• 1996-2000 CEO and founder of the “Complementary Health Services Company” which is owned by Israel’s largest health insurance firm KHC. As such he set up a network of 12 commonwealth clinics employing 300 practitioners with various styles of healing that offer reasonable standards of complementary health services nationwide.
• 1996-2011: he has developed and is currently running a postgraduate program in Japanese acupuncture with KiikoMatsumoto& David Euler.
Anat Mendler Shefer, TCM Practitioner, Israel
Anat Mendler Shefer L.Ac M.Sc completed her training in traditional Chinese medicine in 1995 at the Academy of Chinese Culture andHealth Science (A.C.C.H.S.) in Oakland, California, (USA) with a Masters degree in Chinese Medicine and Sciences. Afterwards, along with the daily work in her practice in Tel Aviv, she took part in diverse courses and further training in Israel. Among other things she specialised in gynaecology in accordance with TCM with Professor Yunin Wu. She teaches at diverse schools in Israel and Switzerland (the Academy of Chinese Healing Arts, Winterthur). As a member of the Israeli Acupuncture Committee she was in charge of the licensing exam for TCM.Anat Mendler Shefer is a speaker at the annual further training courses for gynaecology and TCM in Tel Aviv which were initiated by her in 2005. She moderates the annual fertility symposium at the TCM congress in Rothenburg (Germany).
Birgit Seybold-Kellner, MD Gynaecologist, G
Trained in Chinese medicine (A-Diploma, B-Diploma,Chinese phytotherapy, additional specification - acupuncture) parallel to orthodox medicine study.
1996: worked in an acupuncture clinic in India.
1999: completion of studies.
2000 - 2002: worked in a clinic in Ulm including focus on the support of Chinese medicine in in vitro fertilisation. Planning of acupuncture study.
Since 2003: position in a Munich women's clinic.
Since 1997: lecturer on acupuncture and Chinese medicine with emphasis on gynaecology and obstetrics.
Dissertation subject:Influence of acupuncture in the numbers of pregnancies by in vitro fertilisation.
Lectures in numerous congresses (emphasis on Chinese medicine andgynaecology/obstetrics). Author and co-author of various books and articles on the subject of acupuncture and gynaecology/ obstetrics.
Vera Splinter, Nutritionist, G
Vera Splinter, born 1961,is a certified nutritionist. Since 1999, after several years of employment in clinics, she has specialised in nutrition in Chinese medicine. Training and further training followed in Chinese dietetics, western herbs in Chinese medicine, Qigong, Yangsheng, paediatrics, and gynaecology in Chinese medicine amongst others.
A special field of expertise is nutrition therapy for gynaecological problems, in particular endometriosis, fertility treatment, pregnancy and lactation, menopause. The nutrition therapy is carried out in close co-operation with doctors who have specialised in Chinese medicine.
Vera Splinter works as a freelance in her own office in Neuss (NRW). She offers individual consultation, gives lectures and holds seminars.
Yuning Wu, MD Gynaecologist, China
Yuning Wu, M.D., is Professor of Integrated Chinese and Western Medicine at the Capital University of Medical Science and Chief Gynecologist at the Beijing Hospital of TCM. Prof. Wu is also in charge as Director of the Beijing Obstetrics and Gynecology Committee.
Graduated in Western Medicine from the Beijing Medical University in 1970, Yuning Wu took up her TCM studies at the Beijing College for TCM. She then specialised in obstetrics and gynecology at the University of Ottawa. For more than five years Dr. Wu followed Chai Songyan, gynecologist and one of the most eminent TCM practitioners in China, working as her main assistant.
Besides her clinical and scientific activities, Prof. Wu has been sharing her knowledge and experience to students for more than 30 years. She was Visiting Scholar at the Yale University and the University of California, San Francisco, and has been giving lectures and courses in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and other countries.
Prof. Yuning Wu obtained several scientific prizes. There are more than 50 scientific publications covering her research work, and as a coauthor she contributed to five books, among which «A Practical Handbook on Infertility and Sterility».
Franciscus Sulistyo, Gynaecologist, G
Born and raised in Indonesia, studied medicine im Münster and Tübigen, specialist in gynaecology and obstetrics, specialist in general practice.
Since 1982 practice in a medical centre in Dormagen. Emphasis on TCM, gynaecology and Chinese phytotherapy.
Training: 'Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine and Phytotherapy' at Witten / Herdecke University. Further training in traditional Chinese medicine with emphasis on gynaecology. Chinese phytotherapy in internal medicine [Nei Ke] at the European Institute of Oriental Medicine Munich London. Application of western herbs in TCM. Wen Bing training with Prof. Wu Boping.
Since 2002 lecturer in Chinese medicine and Chinese phytotherapy at Witten / Herdecke University.
Since 2005 lecturer in acupuncture at Bochum University.
2005 established the Centre for Chinese Medicine in Hilden and therapy for the unfulfilled desire for a child in integrated cooperation with various reproduction centres. Lectures on the subject of 'Infertility and Gynaecology from the standpoint of Chinese Medicine in Germany'. Co-author of the book ' The Desire for a Child and Chinese Medicine'
Michael Häberle, MD, Gynaecologist, CH
Michael Häberle was born in Germany in 1958 and studied human medicine in Berlin and Paris. He did his practical training as a gynaecologist during his 18 years in Kanton Hospital, Baden, lastly as senior consultant. He has had additional training in reproduction medicine and gynaecological endocrinology. For five years Dr. Häberle has been working in the group practice GYN A.R.T. (Gynaecology and Assisted Reproduction Technology) in Zürich.
Esther Denz, TCM-Practitioner, CH
Esther Denz was born in 1967 in Zürich. In 1983 she emigrated to the USA and studied Traditional Chinese Medicine in California graduating
with a Master of Science degree in TCM. Thereupon she passed the national examination in acupuncture and herbal medicine in the USA.
Then followed a post graduate study in gynaecology. Since 1995 Esther Denz has been working inher own practice in Zürich.
In 2002 she, along with Simon Becker and Karin Knauer, founded the ZHONG INSTITUTE, a TCM training institute for midwives and gynaecologists. Her special field is gynaecology, fertility problems, pregnancy and childbirth support.
Chiristine Gabriel, Gynaecologist, D
1986–1994: Study of human medicine, political science and the history of architecture at RWTH Aachen and Geneva University
1990–1991: Training in acupuncture (German Acupuncture Society, Düsseldorf)
1995–1996: Post at the University Clinic for Women in Heidelberg (department of endocrinology, Prof. B. Runnebaum; outpatients
department for naturopathic treatment, Prof. I. Gerhard)
1996–1998: Post at the Grafschafter Clinic in Nordholm (department of gynaecology and obstetrics, Dr. Wagner)
1998: Additional competence: naturopathic treatment
1998: Three month residency in China, two of which were spent gaining intensive work experience in the outpatients acupuncture department
of the Red Cross Hospital, Hangzhou (Dr. Guo, Dr. Dai)
1998–2003: Post at the Marienkrankenhaus, Trier (department of gynaecology and obstetrics, Dr. Günther)
Since 1998 Lecturer at Pro Medico, Medical Research Association (B-diploma)
Since 2010 Lecturer at the ZHONG INSTITUTE, CH
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