9.00 - 9.45: MD Stefan Englert, Germany
Lecture, Language: G with E translation

Overview of Studies on Infertility and Acupuncture
9.45 - 10.45: Professor Yuning Wu, China

Infertility and TCM: key experiences in life long period of practice
11.15 - 12.05: MD Franciscus Sulistyo, Germany
Lecture, Language: G with E Translation

Evidence-based Chinese Medicine
12.05 - 12.30: Esther Denz/ MD Micheal Häberle, Switzerland
Lecture, Language: E with G Translation

Evidence-based Chinese Medicine for IVF in Practice
13.30 - 14.15: Presentation of the workshops
the three workshops will be presented by the teachers in 15 min. each
14.30 - 18.00: Anat Mendler, Israel
Workshop 1, Language E

Infertility Treatment with TCM in challenging infertility cases
14.30 - 18.00: MD Franciscus Sulistyo, Germany
Workshop 2, Language, G
Infertility Treatment with Dr. Tongs Acupuncture Points
14.30 - 18.00: Ran Kalif, Israel
Workshop 3, Language: E with G Translation
Infertility Treatment with Japanese Acupuncture
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