The congress offers
  • Renowned Specialsits will share their knowledge and recent research.
  • A many facted, interesting programme of lectures and workshops in both German and English.
  • Faciliation whereby Organisations, Educators and Associations can exchange and expertise
  • We are looking forward to participants from all of Europe connected by their professions, their vocation and passion for theme of support with Acupuncture in pregnancy and childbirth
    the Zhong Team
    Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture in particular has become an essential tool in the practice of those professionals assisting women in pregnancy and childbirth. Today, it is rare to find a birth clinic which does not offer Acupuncture as a supporting treatment. The success of this wonderful gentle medical practice has become apparent to doctors, midwives, gynaecologists and to hospital management.
    Today many midwives and TCM specialists have gatherd a vast store of knowledge and experience. However up until now, a forum for exchange of this rich knowledge has been lakking. We are delighted to be able to announce the Secon International Acupuncture Conference on the topic of Pregnancy and birth Assistance, which is directed cross- professionally at Midwives, Gynaecologists and TCM specialists.
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